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Keyboard Protector Anti-Cat - Effectively Prevent Cat from Touching The Keyboard

This product weighs 3.5 LB and is equipped with a non-slip mat, which will not be pushed under the table by the cat. With a thickness of 0.4 inches, it can withstand a weight of more than 40LB. Easy to smear and wipe, you can even write and draw on it with a whiteboard pen. It can be cleaned and reused. It can also protect your keyboard from dust, coffee, and food falling into the gap of the key. No tools and assembly needed: This Plexiglass keyboard cover cat with no tools and assembly needed. Just place it on the desk and you are done. Easy installation. MORE INFO

Book Crafting With Cat Hair

Got fur balls? Are your favorite sweaters covered with cat hair? Do you love to make quirky and one-of-a-kind crafting projects? If so, then it’s time to throw away your lint roller and curl up with your kitty! Get this book crafting with cat hair. MORE INFO

Cat Shaped Cookie Cutters

Cat Shaped Cookie Cutters Make your cookies into cute cat shapes, decorate your cookies, make your cookies more fun! Related : Recipe for the dough MORE INFO

These Long Cat Shaped Towels Are For When You Reach Cat Lady Level 1000

This is cute and silly. It is soft and quite entertaining. Such a cute little conversation-starter bathroom towel. MORE INFO

Puking Kitty Gravy Boat

The purr-fect gift for any occasion, this Puking Kitty Gravy Boat will make any meal more fun, memorable, and classy. It's an everyday luxury that you'll love, laugh, and smile about for years to come. MORE INFO

Funny Cat Shower Curtain

Brighten up your bathroom with this funny cat shower curtain. I believe this thing makes you laugh every single time you walk past it. Lol! MORE INFO

MUG - World's Best Cat Mom Ever

Are you still looking for a suitable affordable gift for cat mom? This world's best cat mom ever mug can solve this problem, the mug designed for cat mom, it is your best gifts choice. This cup is so cute and purr-fect gift for any cat loving mom. MORE INFO

Socks - I Can't Get Up Right Now, The Cat Is On My Lap

Socks - I Can't Get Up Right Now, The Cat Is On My Lap   The funny hidden message "I can't get up now, the cat is on my lap" sewn on the bottom of the socks is sure to bring a smile to your beloved ones' faces. Definitely a great gift for cat lovers. MORE INFO

Cute Cat Paw Cups

The chubby cute cat claw cup design adds a bit of fun and enjoyment to your use. These are so funny at small gatherings or zoom meetings. MORE INFO

Cat Planters - Collective Planter Succulent Pots with Drainage

Cute kitty look enhanced the visual appeal. Especially when it planted with beautiful tiny succulents, that overall appearance in lively and lovely. Great gift idea for kids or cat lovers! MORE INFO

The Toilet Water Dish

Dusty loves to drink bathroom water so modern problems require modern solutions. - Katie Moupin   The Toilet Water Dish This is a hilarious water dish. It looks like a toilet and holds any 2-liter bottle. Designed for your pet to drink out of the dish. Made of ceramic. MORE INFO

Cat Gift Box

The box contains 12 toys, including a feather wand, four rattle mice, two catnip mice, two sparkle balls, two plastic jingle balls and one Cat Is Good icon toy with catnip. MORE INFO