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10 Reasons Cats Are Just Like Toddlers

A non-exhaustive list of reasons why cats are really just tiny humans in furry form.  For more of Lily and Bean check them out on their TikTok  and Instagram MORE INFO

Meet Willow Biden, The New ‘First Cat’ Of The White House

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden have welcomed a new member to their White House family: Willow the cat! Reporting for TODAY, NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell shares where they first met the feline and how she got her name. - Today MORE INFO

Cat Does The Cutest Thing When He Wants To Be Picked Up

Cat does the cutest thing when he wants to be picked up — and he's been doing it since he was SO tiny. - TheDodo  To keep up with Lauren and Flash, follow along on  TikTok

This Cat Insists on Crashing His Dad's Auditions

Odie the Bengal cat insists on following his actor dad Wesley everywhere — even if that means crashing Wesley's auditions, walking on a leash, or riding in a see-through backpack. - TheDodo Another post you may like...  11 Strange Cat Behaviors Finally Explained MORE INFO

Her mustache would make any man jealous

Mostaccioli's story by GeoBeats Animals . She's such a cute kitty! And the little furstache Mostaccioli has is hilarious and utterly adorable. Feel free to checkout Mostaccioli's Instagram: MORE INFO

Kitten Hunts His Mom Every Single Day

This kitten hunts his mom nonstop like he's a cheetah — but wait to see the sweet thing he does before they go to sleep together ❤️ - TheDodo To see more of Mega and Licia, you can follow along on

Baby Kitten wants to be friends with the Rabbit

Enjoy the funniest and cutest video of the baby kitten who wants to be friends with the Rabbit!- The Fluffiest

Conversations You Have With Your Cat

Cat owners all across the world agree that " Conversations You Have With Your Cat " is spot on. The video has been watched over 74 million times - that’s one watch for every time your cat has ignored you.

Cats vs. Bean Bag Chairs

Cats and big bean bag chairs , combine those two and you'll be laughing all day at cats jumping and playing with bean bag chairs. - CrazyFunnyStuffCFS MORE INFO

Do You Know Your Cat Has So Many Questions to Ask You During Christmas?

Do you know your cat has so many questions to ask you during Christmas? You may like... Purina Friskies Gravy Wet Cat Food Variety Pack

Cats Who Steal Food... Or Try To ( Compilation)

If diamonds are the way to a girl's heart, human food may be the way to a cat's. Take a break and watch a compilation of these cute kitties sneakily stealing their human food.

10 Signs Your Cat Owns You

"You don't own a cat — a cat owns you," you've heard. Most cat owners would agree!  But how can you be sure? Cats are crafty when it comes to enslaving their owners. Here are 10 signs your cat owns you ! You may like these posts... Best 5 Cat Insurance Online Funny Gifts for Cat Lovers Level 1000

Cats in Boxes || Cats VS Boxes Funny Pet Compilation

Cats VS Boxes is the most epic pet battle to ever take place.- The Pet Collective You may like this post...  Should I Feed My Cat Wet or Dry Food? | Vet Advice

What Do Cats Really Think Of You?

Cats are the best! But sometimes they give you that look like Regina George judging you. So, what do cats really think of you? This clever video from BuzzFeed takes a fun look at this ever perplexing question. Enjoy!  You may like these posts... Best 5 Cat Insurance Online Funny Gifts for Cat Lovers Level 1000

Cats Playing Ping Pong (Compilation)

Cats are experts in playing ping pong, so next time you're playing ping pong, better bring your cat too, and let the fun begin.- CrazyFunnyStuffCFS

Cats Who Steal Food... Or Try To! (A Compilation)

Whether you realize it or not, if you own a cat, you have consumed something that your cat has licked, stepped on, or chewed up. It's just a fact of life when you own a cat. Cats try to be sneaky, but they're frequently caught looking foolish when attempting to steal food and drinks from their owners. These are a few examples of such occasions.   This compilation was created by NekoWatch and they don't own all of the clips used in this video. If you see a clip that belongs to you and you don't want it to be featured on this video, please contact them ( so they can remove it. Thank mew all!

Cats Who Want Some Privacy

These cats desperately want some privacy and alone time, but annoying humans are following them everywhere...  - CrazyFunnyStuffCFS You may like... Funny Gifts for Cat Lovers  →

This Cat Burglar Loves Stealing Neighbors’ Shoes

It’s a cat burglar - literally! Every night, this 6-year-old kitty named Jordan roams his neighborhood in Altoona, Pennsylvania, and nabs neighbors’ neglected items. Jordan has a bit of a shoe fetish: he’s known for stealing shoes and has amassed nearly 80 and counting. Jordan’s family, mother BJ Ross, and her son Gavin set up cameras and put a tracking device on him to see where he’s finding so many shoes. BJ started a Facebook group to return stolen shoes to their rightful owners. - Inside Edition You may look for... GPS Tracking Device for Pets →

Cat brought a lot of money every day! People were shocked to learn where he got it from!

Cats are definitely everyone’s favorites. These cute and graceful creatures make our lives happier and more fun. But did you know that some representatives of the cat family are capable of bringing home not only joy but also money? - Wonders of the World

A Female Reporter can't stop laughing about this cat in McDonald's bag

A female reporter can't stop laughing about this cat in McDonald's bag. This video had me laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. Priceless!! Forget composure and professionalism. Have a laugh, world! PEEK-A-BOO